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Benefits of Accessibility Ramps for Homes

Accessibility ramps for homes

For people with mobility issues, accessibility ramps for homes can make life infinitely easier and boost confidence, independence, and overall quality of life. Accessibility ramps for homes allow people with mobility issues to move around their homes safely, and more easily. These ramps are a very cost-effective solution for making that mobility possible.

Both permanent and portable accessibility ramps for homes are beneficial and promote accessibility and maneuverability – allowing those with mobility issues to get in or out of places and spaces that they can’t access without them.

With two decades of experience and hundreds of accessibility ramps for homes installed and serviced in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, APA Medical is an expert at configuring, quoting, and installing the perfect ramp for most living environments.

At APA, our accessibility ramps for homes can be purchased to serve your needs for years to come. However, we’re empathetic to the fact that you may not know how long you’ll need a ramp. Injuries and the aging process are unpredictable and vary from case to case. If you only need an accessibility ramp for a short time—no problem, our ramps can be rented for short or long-term use. Your first-month rental can be applied to your purchase if you determine that the ramp will be needed more long term.

Here are some of the benefits of accessibility ramps for homes that give an idea of how they can be of assistance to those with mobility issues.

Ability to Move Around the Home

This is the greatest benefit that ramps in and around the home provide. When people are able to make use of ramps, they greatly increase their mobility and accessibility. Accessibility ramps make it easier for users to get up small flights of steps, over doorways, into showers and through sliding glass doors, all while minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.


The convenience of accessibility ramps for homes isn’t just beneficial for the people sitting in the wheelchair—it’s also a great feature for caregivers and loved ones assisting with mobility. There are even circumstances in which the ramps might be used for tasks other than wheelchair moving, including transporting equipment, furniture, and other items around the home, saving time and effort and making it easier to maneuver around.

Simple Installation

Accessibility ramps are a much easier installation option than other types of mobility features. If it makes more sense for your particular situation, portable ramps can be purchased that are easy to carry and set up, and also easy to take down and store away if not needed or as mobility needs change.

Types of Accessibility Ramps for Homes

Portable accessibility ramps are built to withstand continued use and can take on the multiple rigors of repeated set up, breakdown, and storage. Portable accessibility ramps are designed to carry a fairly significant amount of weight, helping to offer the ease of access needed.

APA Medical installs accessibility ramps for homes made by National Ramp and features modular access ramp systems. These ramp systems feature the safest walking surface in the industry and are an affordable choice for accessibility solutions. They can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your doorstep immediately.

Privacy and Independence

Too often those with mobility issues feel like they depend on others to get through their day-to-day living. With accessibility ramps, depending on the individual situation, some wheelchair users who have ramps installed inside and outside their home can live a private life. They don’t need caretakers or family members to visit daily to help the wheelchair user move around. Accessibility ramps help the user live the way they want in the privacy of their own home.

With over two decades of experience and hundreds of accessibility ramps installed and serviced, APA Medical is an expert at configuring, quoting, and installing the perfect ramp for every living environment. We customize our ramps to fit your individual needs and fit them based on the layout where you live. We understand that every living space is different and no “cookie-cutter” ramp will work in each situation. You can trust APA Medical to optimize the accessibility to your home.