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The Best Power Mobility Scooter for Your Needs

best power mobility scooters

best power mobility scootersElectric mobility scooters can feel like a godsend for people who’ve been frustrated by losing their ability to get around and easily participate in day-to-day activities like shopping, family outings, or going to grandchildren’s soccer games. Power mobility scooters let people reclaim parts of their lives and allow them to participate in many of the things that losing their mobility had kept them from doing. Everyone has different needs and different lifestyles, so we’ll highlight the best power mobility scooters for both indoor and outdoor use.

When considering what scooter is best for your needs, you have to assess some practical things first. Think about how much will the person be using the scooter. What is the range and charging time for a particular scooter? Also consider if a person needs the ability to carry the scooter in a car, bus, or any other transportation method they use.

If you need to drive your power mobility scooter to different places, it is important to be able to fit it into the car that usually carries it. It is also a good idea to make sure it will fit into other vehicles just in case. Also, be sure that the scooter is light enough for the user or whoever is with the user to lift into a car. Many power mobility scooters easily break down into small, easy-to-carry pieces.

Charging Your Scooter

Depending on what power mobility scooter you end up getting, the batteries may take between eight and 12 hours to charge fully. Most of us aren’t used to depending on battery-powered transportation, so it takes some time to get into a pattern of keeping your scooter charged and ready to go. Keeping your batteries properly charged is essential for extending battery life and optimal performance.

Consider the Health of the User

Power mobility scooters are a tremendous aid and provide a giant morale boost for those who can use them, but they aren’t for everyone with mobility issues. Scooters are fantastic for those who may not be strong enough to walk long distances or are at risk for falls, but users should be able to stand and walk short distances without any help.

If a person is too weak or a medical condition has them unable to move around unaided at all, an electric wheelchair is probably a more suitable option.

APA Medical Offers a Full Range of Scooters

APA Medical is proud to offer a full line of Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility power mobility scooters.  Our scooters line runs from the compact, easily transportable models to the heavy-duty outdoor travel models.  Many models offer both three- and four-wheel versions. The staff at APA Medical can work with you to determine which one might be best for you.

APA Medical is proud to have added the Pride ZT10 4-wheel scooter to our inventory. With a sleek, contemporary design that can traverse out-of-reach places. This scooter moves seamlessly through doors and down hallways. The ZT10 combines powerful dual motors and two-wheel drive with revolutionary turning technology. Three-speed control lets you adjust your speed when moving from indoor to outdoor driving.

Hot off the press is the Pride iRide scooter.  Journey far and wide with this ultra-lightweight scooter.  Super portable, this scooter is perfect for traveling.  Equipped with both a manual hand brake and supplemental foot brake, the iRide delivers a safe and comfortable ride!


Some popular accessories can make your scooter easier to use and allow you to use it in a wider variety of circumstances. 

  • Oxygen Tank Holder—work with size D and E oxygen tanks and have a universal attachment for most scooters
  • Rear Basket—mobility scooters usually come with a front basket for personal things, but when you need extra carrying capacity (groceries, etc.), a rear basket can be handy
  • Easy Access Arm Bag—an arm bag on the side of your power mobility scooter gives you easy access to small accessories like phones, car keys, glasses, wallet, etc.

How APA Can Help

  • APA always beats internet pricing
  • APA is a full-service dealership.  We have many years of experience in servicing scooters
  • APA has a large showroom so you can have that “hands-on” experience before making your decision on purchasing a power mobility scooter

Safety Recommendations

Power mobility scooters are not considered vehicles by law and should not be used in streets or bike lanes. Scooters should use crosswalks and pay attention to road signs as if they were walking. Sitting in a motor scooter makes you shorter than usual and less visible to those around you. Even if you never plan to use them at night, you should attach working lights to the front and back of the scooter—just in case the need ever arises. Many public transportation methods are built for wheeled access. Still, every place is different, so contact your local transportation authority to find out exactly which means you’ll be able to use. 

Power Mobility Scooter Tips

  • When you first get your electric mobility scooter, give yourself some extra time to get where you are going. It can take some time to get used to following wheel accessible paths.
  • Keeping your lead acid scooter batteries fully charged will make them last longer
  • Purchase a carport power adapter that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, so that you can charge your scooter’s battery while driving

At APA Medical, we’re all about helping you find the best and most helpful products at the best cost. If you or a loved one requires mobility assistance, a power mobility scooter could very well be the way to go. APA Medical would be happy to consult with you to figure out precisely what your needs are and what the best way to meet those needs might be. Give us a call today!