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Buy Incontinence Products Online at APA Medical

buy incontinence products online

People living with incontinence know all too well the physical hardships that come along with it—the leaking, needing to bring an extra change of clothes everywhere, keeping things clean. What’s worse than the physical, and unless you live with the condition, the one thing you truly don’t know about is the shame that accompanies it. Those who suffer from incontinence see that it’s far more than just the occasional wet pants. It’s the hiding from your spouse or loved ones, so they don’t know that you’ve wet yourself again. It’s the avoiding of social situations where you don’t know for sure that a bathroom is nearby. It’s the embarrassment that comes from having to buy adult diapers or wipes at the local store.

At APA Medical, we understand the hardships that come with suffering from incontinence. We are happy to announce that you can now buy incontinence products online at APA Medical. That’s right—all of our incontinence products are purchasable online at APA Medical.

Incontinence is More Common than You Might Think

Approximately 13 million Americans have some degree of incontinence, 85% of whom are women. Fifty percent or more of elderly persons living at home or in long-term care facilities have incontinence issues. Incontinence is a very common affliction, and if you or a loved one suffer from it, you should know that there are now all kinds of incontinence supplies available to buy online at APA Medical–  adult briefs, pull-ups, pads, bed chucks, peri wipes, and perineal sprays that offer leak protection and help control and manage incontinence.

One woman out of every four experiences some incontinence, which increases to three out of four over the age of 65. Up to 34 percent of senior men suffer from some form of incontinence. As we grow older, it just becomes a fact of life for many of us. That doesn’t make it any easier or comfortable to buy the products that help ease the stress of dealing with it and provide safer, more comfortable living.

Buy Incontinence Products Online to Avoid Embarrassment

So if you do suffer from incontinence, know that you’re not alone and try not to let your condition negatively affect your quality of life, instead learn to deal with it. Whether you have light or heavy incontinence and regardless of how long you have been living with this condition, incontinence products can help you live a normal life. At APA Medical, we’ve made sure that our customers can now buy incontinence products online and that they can get them delivered to their homes as quickly and as discreetly as possible.

APA Medical is proud to allow our customers to buy incontinence products online:

  • Adult Wipes—Incontinence is simply a reality for many—adult wipes offer comfortable and sanitary clean-up with thick quilted fabric for better cleaning.
  • Bladder Pads—We offer a wide variety of bladder and booster pads. Our large array of bladder pads are designed to make life with incontinence more comfortable and manageable and come individually wrapped.
  • ChucksDisposable bed pads with extra-heavy absorbent polymer and odor-controlling agent that provide maximum incontinence protection and neutralize odors. Designed to protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces with a waterproof moisture barrier.
  • Hygiene & Applicants— A variety of hygiene creams and applicants to make living more comfortable and sanitary for those who suffer from incontinence issues.
  • Pull-Up Underwear— Incontinence issues can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for many. We offer pull-up, adult underwear in three varieties: men, women, and unisex.
  • Tabbed Briefs—We offer tabbed briefs for those with incontinence issues. These disposable tabbed briefs offer heavy absorbency and skin-smart fabric made with aloe and chamomile for skin wellness.
  • Exam Gloves— We offer multiple-use exam gloves for a variety of bathroom and hygiene issues.

For more information on the brands and products, APA Medical offers, see our incontinence page.

People who suffer from incontinence are able to avoid the embarrassment and stress of having to buy incontinence products in public. By offering the ability to buy incontinence products online, we are happy to be able to make everyday living more comfortable and stress-free, and never worry about running out of the products that keep you that way with APA Medical’s home delivery incontinence service.