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How Much is a Lift Chair? Get the Best Prices in the Twin Cities

At APA Medical we’re pretty straightforward with our answer when asked the question, “How much is a lift chair?” When it comes to power lift chairs, we have the lowest price, guaranteed. It really is that simple.

You won’t find better bargains than at APA Medical—no one has better prices than us. Our buying power allows us to offer the best pricing you can find for lift chair recliners and power lift chairs. The internet? Forget it—we beat that pricing hands down. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and look for yourself, but we promise you we have the best pricing you’ll find anywhere!

When you ask the question, “How much is a lift chair?” there are several different answers depending on what exactly you are looking for. The type of motorized lift chair you’re looking for, the weight capacity, a remote control, etc. Just know that you won’t find better prices anywhere when shopping for a power lift chair recliner than APA Medical.

At APA Medical we also offer payment plans for those who need it, with a monthly financing option through Care Credit.

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As people and their bodies age, the greater the chance that they develop arthritis, lose strength in their arms, back, and legs, or incur other conditions that make it more difficult to perform daily activities. One simple activity that most of us take for granted for most of our lives, is getting up and down from a sitting position. As we age it can become difficult to get your hips above your knees in order to stand up. A power lift chair recliner is designed to help the user get to a standing position. It’s one of many products APA offers that help users remain independent and safe.

Who Needs Motorized Lifting in a Chair?

There are a variety of reasons why one might consider a lift chair recliner or power lift chair in their home. First and foremost, the ability to remain independent is an important aspect to quality of life. As we said above, there are a wide range of illnesses, diseases, and just plain aging that can impact people’s ability to be able to stand up from a seated position. Aging people often need assistance to stand from a seated position. Patients that are recovering from an illness or an operation also might temporarily need assistance.

What Does a Lift Chair Recliner Do?

A lift chair recliner provides a stable way to help people get up and down in the chair. A power lift chair also saves on the pulling of a body by an aide or family member trying to help someone to stand. The lift chair recliner has a remote control that can lay the chair down for a person to sleep, or just relax. It also has a button that raises the back of the chair so it raises the hips over the knees to an almost standing position. When the person is almost in the standing position, they can just straighten their back and they are ready to walk. Without the help of a power lift chair, people who are aging or weak most often have to rely on others to be assisted.

The Benefits of a Power Lift Chair

Power lift chairs provide many health benefits to both the user and any caregivers. Transfers into and out of chairs become one of the most cumbersome and difficult activities as the caregiver usually has to lean over and tug on the patient to help them into a standing position or transfer to a wheelchair. A power lift chair reduces the risk of injury for both the user and the caregiver.

Having a power lift chair also helps to increase both the user’s mental wellbeing (they feel more independent) and their mobility. Correct posture is also encouraged through the multiple seat positions that are offered. Another benefit of a lift chair recliner is having one’s legs elevated, which reduces swelling.

Power lift chairs provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation; you don’t need to have a medical condition to enjoy their benefits. Anyone who has an active lifestyle at all, or who has suffered from minor aches and pains over the years will enjoy the comfort provided by power-operated lift chairs. When it comes to power lift chair recliners, don’t go to a furniture store, come to APA Medical—we’re the experts and we’ll outfit you with the best chair for your needs.

If you or a loved one are wondering, “How much is a lift chair?” please call APA at 612-722-9000 and we can answer any questions about our power lift chair pricing or availability.