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Supplies for Post Surgery: Items to Help Make Recovery More Manageable


If you or a loved one is having surgery, planning ahead can make your post-surgery recovery easier, quicker, and even less painful. Obviously, recoveries will vary from procedure to procedure, and even person to person depending on age and overall health, but there are things you can do to make your first few days at home less stressful and easier with some key post-surgery supplies on hand before you even leave for the hospital.

After your surgery, your doctor will give instructions for things you can and cannot do during your recovery period, and these will vary depending on the type of surgery. Unless the surgery is a completely minor affair, most patients will feel better and be instructed to take it easy after surgery. The majority of patients need at least a few days after surgery to begin to have their usual energy—rest and sleep are a big part of recovery.

Depending on the surgery you have, there are post-surgery supplies that can help you prevent pain, provide more time for rest, and generally make things easier and more comfortable while you are convalescing.

Lift Chair

When thinking about post-surgery supplies, a lift chair may seem a little extravagant, but depending on the age and mobility range of the patient, it is a very good time to consider an item that will make the coming weeks, months, and years a little easier.

Post-surgery patients may not be able to stand from a standard chair, recliner, or couch for at least the first two weeks following a procedure. Attempting to do so may be dangerous, as patients risk pulling stitches or staples open, loss of balance and falls when getting up or being helped up from a seated position.

APA Medical is proud to offer Golden Technologies Lift Chairs because of their superior performance and lasting quality. Golden lift chairs are proudly made in the USA with unsurpassed craftsmanship and superior quality. You won’t find better bargains on lift chairs than at APA Medical—no one has better prices than us. Our buying power allows us to offer the best pricing you can find.

Bedroom Commode

Anyone’s mobility can be severely reduced following a surgical procedure, so among the vital post-surgery supplies is a bedside commode. This device raised to its highest position makes it easier to transfer to and from the toilet. During the night, the bedside commode is placed beside a chair or bed. Some devices can be placed over the top of the toilet and have a splash guard instead of a bucket for use during the day with more mobile patients.

APA offers a variety of bedroom commodes that can be an essential post-surgery supply that makes recovery more comfortable and safe.

Mobility Equipment—Wheelchairs, Scooters, Rollators, Ramps

As said above, depending on the surgery you have, there are post-surgery supplies that can help you prevent pain, provide more time for rest, and generally make things easier and more comfortable while you are convalescing. Mobility can be very tricky following a surgical procedure and it’s always best to take more precautions than less, as you never have as much energy or strength as you’re used to following surgery.

Depending on your mobility issues, wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, and ramps, either temporary or permanent, can all go a long way toward making your life a lot easier following surgery.

Incontinence Products

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from incontinence after surgery, so incontinence products should be high on your list of post-surgery supplies. There are numerous different reasons why someone might suffer from incontinence after surgery, but there is no doubt that urine leakage is one of the more frustrating and bothersome effects. Post-surgery incontinence can last from weeks to months. APA Medical offers a wide variety of incontinence products that can be extremely beneficial during post-surgery recovery. From bladder pads and chucks to pull-up underwear, tabbed briefs, and different hygiene and applicants items, anyone recovering from surgery will be more comfortable, sanitary, and in a better frame of mind for recovery with incontinence products.

Therapeutic Supplies

The little things add up to a lot when you are convalescing from surgery. There is a lot on your mind when you are scheduled for surgery. Having therapeutic post-surgery supplies on hand can go a long way toward making your recovery more effective and comfortable.

From ace bandages to back pillows and heating pads, APA Medical offers a wide variety of therapeutic supplies that help ease the recovery process.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Depending on the age, overall health, and type of surgery, there is usually some sort of rehabilitation period.  From hand helpers and exercise balls to pulleys and dumbbells, APA offers a variety of rehabilitation equipment that help to restore or maintain strength and mobility following a surgical procedure. While often an afterthought, these post-surgery supplies can be among the most helpful in getting you to feel like you did before your surgery.

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