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APA Medical Named Largest Lift Chair Provider in the Twin Cities

It’s Time to Get the Most Comfortable Chair You’ll Ever Sit In!

You bought your dream television—65” of pure, high definition pleasure. You’ve got the best audio—surround sound that’s sweet music to your ears. So why are you still sitting in that beat up, uncomfortable chair? It’s beyond time to up your chair game—and APA offers quite simply, the most comfortable chair you’ll ever sit in. Our power-assisted lift chairs are a revelation to anyone who sits in them—if you’re looking to increase your all-around comfort and quality of life, we have over 30 customizable chairs to choose from, and we promise you one of them will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Not Just for Grandma and Grandpa

APA’s multi-positioning power-assist chairs aren’t just for those who need assistance when standing—a large percentage of our customers are now people who simply want the most comfortable chair they can find.

Reclining chairs have held an esteemed position in American households over the years, as noted by Krystal D’Costa in her article in Scientific American last September:

The hallmark of the American TV dad is his recliner. Sheriff Andy Taylor, Jack Arnold, Carl Winslow, Jim Walsh, Frank Constanza, and Red Forman were perhaps made more “dad-like” thanks to a recliner. Its dad’s chair and the established tropes would have you believe that they are connected physically: the chair molds itself to his body and he knows immediately if someone else sits in it. And as life sometimes imitates art, the recliner is a seat of power in our living rooms. It’s an island of comfort in an otherwise shared seating context. How did the recliner specifically earn this honor? After all, there is nothing inherently masculine—or special—about it, and yet, it’s touted as a mark of prestige to own one.

Prestige and comfort aside, power-assisted lift chairs provide utility as well. With power headrests, heat and massage options, and AutoDrive features, APA’s lift chairs offer customers more than they’ve ever gotten out of a chair before. With more positional settings than ever before, you’re able to position the chair exactly how you want it, and moving it from position to position is as simple as the push of a button.

APA is a full line provider of multi-positioning, power-operated lift chairs with a wide variety of models, fabrics and colors to suit your physical needs as well as your home décor. With so many features and comfort options, why would you consider anything else for the chair you spend so much of your down time in?

Pricing that Seems Too Good to Be True

We promise you that nobody will offer you better pricing on lift chairs than APA Medical. You can search the internet far and wide, but you won’t find better bargains than what APA offers.

Power-assisted lift chairs are the simple evolution of the standard recliner. Rather than sinking in to a worn old chair and simply “putting up with” your everyday aches and pains, get a chair that caters to your pain points with heat and massage options, and greatly increases your comfort and quality of life. You deserve the most comfortable chair on the market—let APA help you find exactly what you’re looking for.