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Spring is a Great Time for Wheelchair Ramp Installation

wheelchair ramp installation

Wheelchair ramp installation is a common modification made to homes of people with mobility issues. Ramps are used to allow people with physical handicaps or mobility issues to more easily move around their home safely and are a very cost-effective solution for making this possible.

With over two decades of experience and hundreds of handicap ramps for homes installed and serviced in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, APA Medical is an expert at configuring, quoting, and installing the perfect ramp for every living environment.

Customized Wheelchair Ramp Installation

At APA Medical, we customize our ramps to fit your individual needs and fit them based on the layout of where you live. We understand that every living situation is different and no “cookie-cutter” ramp will work in each situation. You can rely on APA to optimize the accessibility to your home.

Wheelchair ramp installation allows people with mobility issues to enjoy much more freedom, as they allow users to move in and around the home safely and freely. Wheelchair ramp installation is a cost-effective and practical solution to enhance mobility. With a ramp, wheelchair and scooter users can access steps, doorways, sliding glass doors, showers, or even raised landings easily. APA experts will come to your home and help you choose a ramp depending on the internal and external structure of your home.

Purchase or Rental Options for Wheelchair Ramp Installation

APA Medicals ramps can be purchased to serve your home accessibility needs for years to come. At APA, we’re empathetic to the fact that you may not know how long you’ll need a ramp. Injuries and the aging process are unpredictable and vary from case to case. If you only need an accessibility ramp for a short time—no problem, our ramps can be rented for short or long-term use. Your first-month rental can be applied to your purchase if you determine that the ramp will be needed more long term.

Advantages of Wheelchair Ramp Installation

The number one advantage of ramp installation is the increased mobility – a ramp allows anyone with mobility issues to enter or leave your home safely and comfortably. Ramps minimize the risk of injuries or accidents during your daily trips to the grocery store, for medical checkups, or any other events where they leave their home. People with mobility issues who are living alone or with a family member or caregiver will be thrilled by the ease of getting in and out of the house that ramps provide.

Convenience to all is another advantage that a wheelchair ramp installation provides. Caregivers and family members will find wheelchair ramps highly beneficial as they can be used to transport equipment, furniture, groceries and other items. This makes it possible for them to save time and effort in managing daily tasks and everyday workloads.

APA Offers the Best Prices Anywhere on Wheelchair Ramp Installation

At APA Medical we take pride in offering the best products at the best prices. With ramp options available in aluminum and steel, we can meet your accessibility needs while fitting your budget. We accept most major credit cards. We also accept Care Credit, for those who would like to finance their purchase.

Ramp Rentals Available

If you’ve suffered an injury, or If you’re rehabbing from a knee, foot, or hip surgery, you may only need a ramp for a couple of months, or even just a few weeks, as you gain your stability back. That’s no problem; our wheelchair ramps can be rented for both short or long-term use. We even allow you to apply your first-month rental charge to the purchase of your wheelchair ramp if you discover that you’ll need accessible ramps for a longer period. Our Minneapolis ramp installers have outfitted homes with just about every type of layout over the years, so rest assured that we can figure out a way to make a wheelchair ramp work for you.

Spring is a time of rebirth and as the snow melts in the Twin Cities area if you have mobility issues, it’s a great time to set up a consultation on how to outfit your home with ramps. Call APA Medical now for a free quote!