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Halo Bed Rails


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The Halo Safety Ring, the only patented institutional bed mobility device that prevents lateral mattress movement, and gap space in the most critical zones: 1, 2, 3, & 4. The Halo Safety Ring meets and exceeds the HBSW and FDA’s final dimensional guidelines against bed entrapment. The Halo Safety Ring passes the new “Bed System Measurement Device” pass/fail test that has been approved for Bed System testing by the FDA and state surveying teams. for home bed & hospital bed

Item Numbers:

Hospital Single – PL-805
Hospital Bed Pair – PL-815

Home Bed Single – PL-811
Home Bed Pair – PL-810

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Provides exit points for neck, head, & chest and eliminates the four most critical zones of entrapment.Meets FDA guidelines for patient transfers & therapy bedside assistant for both patient transfers & therapy.Promotes bed mobility & increases environmental independence.Prevents lateral mattress movement and gap space elimination in the most critical zones: