Smartcaregiver Fall Monitoring Bed Pad & Alarm (Cordless)


CordLess Fall Monitors are designed for use with our CordLess Weight-Sensing Bed / Chair Pads & Floor Mats. Sensor pads or mats are placed under an at-risk individual and when they rise to get up, a wireless alert is sent to the fall monitor to notify caregivers that assistance is required. CordLess Fall Monitors allow you to place the alarm outside of the patient’s room and thus eliminate in-room alarm noise.

Bed alarms alert caregivers when a resident is getting out of a bed. Smart Caregiver’s bed pads are compatible with all Smart Caregiver fall prevention monitors and systems. The bed pads are also sealed and impervious to fluids. These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for fall prevention bed alarm monitors use. When connected, the bed pad will trigger the fall prevention alarm if the resident moves off the pad

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Cordless Fall Monitoring Bed Pad & Alarm (sold together)