Knee Compression Stocking (15-20 Compression)


The goal of compression therapy is to encourage fluid flow in your circulatory and lymphatic system. Because of that, you will likely notice a squeezing sensation in your arms or legs when you’ g your compression garment. To get used to this, we recommend easing into your compression therapy. Start by wearing your stocking a few hours each day, until you’re comfortable, and then wear them for longer periods of time. Other things to remember: Remember to check your stockings periodically to avoid wrinkles Remove your compression stockings before going to bed each night Don your compression stockings when you get up before swelling can start Wearing your compression garment each day is the most effective way to continue your therapy Failing to wear your compression stockings may result in your condition becoming more severe

Item Numbers:

Small/Beige – BZ-100 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
Medium/Beige – BZ-101 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
Large/Beige – BZ-102 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
XL/Beige – BZ-103 (Closed Toe, 15-20)

Small/Black – BZ-200 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
Medium/Black – BZ-201 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
Large/Black – BZ-202 (Closed Toe, 15-20)
XL/Black – BZ-203 (Closed Toe, 15-20)

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