Cane – Blind Folding 48″


QUALITY and design makes this cane stand out from all the other aluminum canes. The following features are examples of a high-quality cane at a reasonable price. The ferrule joints are reinforced and designed for easy folding. An adjustable lanyard cord lock to ensure a proper fit to your wrist. No more loose or floppy joints. Finally, a cane that folds and unfolds very smoothly with less effort. A strong lightweight aluminum shaft is high quality and durable. Reflective white shaft with a 10-inch red reflective tape section.

Only the best tip: An Ambutech marshmallow hook style tip is durable and makes obstacle discovery smoother with less jabs or snags. 

Putter Style Grip: You will love the putter type grip that is very comfortable and durable. Its just the right size for a 48-inch cane. The cane is 48 inches long and weighs only 7.0 ounces including tip (using a different style tip could effect the overall length and weight).

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Blind Cane Folding 48″