Cane – Blind Telescoping 54-60″


The Fiberglass Telescopic Cane with Rolling Ball Tip from Ambutech is a light duty identification cane that features a durable fiberglass shaft that easily adjusts and extends from 54 to 60 inches. The telescopic cane then locks in place with a quick turn of the shaft to make for safe and secure navigation. It easily retracts to 11.25 inches (not including Ambutech cane tips, which vary in size). The shaft is wrapped in white reflective tape with a 6-inch red stripe. The comfortable to hold black rubberized grip encourages proper grasp of the mobility cane and also includes a wrist loop. This Fiberglass Telescopic Cane comes with a rolling ball tip – a large 2-inch diameter sphere with encased stainless steel roller bearing. The rolling ball tip makes for greater sensitivity and visibility and is ideal for the constant contact technique. It also easily handles road obstacles and pavement cracks and attaches to the cane shaft via an 8mm thread. The tip is easy to replace/change – simply screw it into the cane shaft. This cane is compatible with a full range of Ambutech tips with 8mm thread.

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Blind Cane Telescoping 54-60″