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Pivoting Transfer Disc

The Sammons Preston Transfer Disc makes it possible for individuals to move from one seated position to another without assistance. Made from non-slip grooved material, the disc facilitates body rotation with minimal amount of physical exertion. The transfer aid assists individuals with impaired mobility from paralysis or limited upper body functions. If the patient cannot use their upper extremities, a helper will be required.

Non-Skid Top and Bottom

Both feet are to be positioned on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both the patient and the caregiver. The disc features a non-skid bottom to help prevent slipping on the floor when a patient is standing on the disc. The caregiver should place one foot on the pivot disc to safely monitor and control the transfer.

Reduces Back Pain for Caregivers

The Sammons Preston Transfer Disc rotates the user to transfer with minimal physical effort. The disc can be used for transfers between a chair and wheelchair, bed and wheelchair, or wheelchair and toilet. The disc can also bed used in conjunction with a transfer belt around the patient’s waist, allowing the caregiver to hold on to the belt for added stability.

Item Number:

TBX100 – 12″

TBX111 – 15″

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  • Designed to facilitate easy pivoting transfers and can be easily used for standing or seated pivots for improved versatility
  • The transfer disc is an ideal aid for people with limited mobility due to injuries or disabilities who are confined to a wheelchair and require additional assistance
  • The non-slip surface ensures that the disc doesn’t skid on the floor and that the feet don’t slip off of the disc
  • The rotating disc is available in two diameters (12” or 15”) for maximum user accommodation during transfers
  • Constructed with high quality polymer for ease of motion, easily supporting users that weigh up to 330 lbs

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