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Take Advantage of APA’s Home Delivery Incontinence Service

Home delivery incontinence service

If you are one of the 13 million Americans that have some degree of incontinence, then you know that one of the worst things about it is running out of products at an inopportune time.  With APA Medical’s home delivery incontinence service, that shouldn’t happen. 

Another unfortunate reality of suffering from incontinence is the embarrassment that comes from having to ask for certain products in public places. But there is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. It is just a medical condition, after all, nobody likes to admit that incontinence is a part of their lives. Again, with APA Medical’s home delivery incontinence service, that shouldn’t happen. 

Get Incontinence Products When You Need Them

Imagine that, products there when you need them, re-filled on a regular basis, and delivered to your door in unmarked packaging. This gives customers all the privacy and discretion they want. APA Medical’s home delivery incontinence service is a HUGE help to customers all over the Twin Cities area. 

Setting up home delivery incontinence service with APA Medical is as simple as a phone call. Just give us a call at 612-263-6574 to set up all the logistics of your home delivery. This includes, what products you need, quantity, and how often you need more. You will find our home delivery incontinence service to be personal and discreet, because we understand the sensitive nature of having to use incontinence products.

APA Medical is proud to be an incontinence supplier of the following products: 

  • Adult Wipes—Incontinence is simply a reality for many—adult wipes offer comfortable and sanitary clean-up with thick quilted fabric for better cleaning.
  • Bladder Pads—We offer a wide variety of bladder and booster pads. Our large array of bladder pads are designed to make life with incontinence more comfortable and manageable and come individually wrapped.
  • ChucksDisposable bed pads with extra-heavy absorbent polymer and odor-controlling agent that provide maximum incontinence protection and neutralize odors. Designed to protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces with a waterproof moisture barrier.
  • Hygiene & Applicants— A variety of hygiene creams and applicants to make living more comfortable and sanitary for those who suffer from incontinence issues.
  • Pull-Up Underwear Incontinence issues can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for many. We offer pull-up, adult underwear in three varieties: men, women and unisex.
  • Tabbed Briefs—We offer tabbed briefs for those with incontinence issues. These disposable tabbed briefs offer heavy absorbency and skin-smart fabric made with aloe and chamomile for skin wellness.
  • Exam Gloves— We offer multiple-use exam gloves for a variety of bathroom and hygiene issues.

For more information on the brands and products APA Medical offers, see our incontinence page

Make everyday living more comfortable and stress-free. Never worry about running out of the products that keep you that way with APA Medical’s home delivery incontinence service!