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Mobility Scooters

The Best Power Mobility
Scooters for Your Needs

Electric mobility scooters let people reclaim the ability to get around and participate in day-to-day activities like shopping, family outings, or going to grandchildren’s soccer games. Everyone has different mobility needs and APA carries a variety of scooters to address those different challenges.


APA Medical

Buzzaround Ex 3 Wheel

More standard features for a better riding experience including more foot room and a greater turning radius.

Buzzaround Lt 3 Wheel

The smallest, lightest, and most portable Buzzaround scooter with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Pride Gogo Folding

FDA Class II Medical Device

With a unique folding design, this scooter folds in just 3 simple steps and fits easily in a closet, corner, or vehicle trunk.

Pride Iride

This ultra-lightweight scooter is super portable and perfect for traveling.

Pride Wrangler

This scooter delivers a safe and comfortable ride and its lightweight frame makes it super portable.

Scooter – Pride ZT10

FDA Class II Medical Device

A sleek and contemporary design with revolutionary turning technology that allows you to move seamlessly through doors and down hallways.


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