Portable Ramp – Aluminum Entry Threshold


The TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Ramp is a portable, stand-alone threshold ramp featuring independently adjustable legs with swivel feet, allowing for vertical adjustment. This self-supporting aluminum threshold ramp is ideal for doorways that swing in and out, uneven surfaces, or single step rises.

Item Numbers:

HRX371 – 1 3/8″ – 4 3/4″

HRX370 – 3 3/8″ – 5 7/8″



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Extruded Tread Surface: Offers slip-resistance to ensure traction in any weather.

Adjustable Legs with Swivel Feet: Allows for approximately 2 inches of vertical adjustments. The legs adjust independently, making the Angled Entry Ramp the perfect solution for uneven surfaces.

High-strength Aluminum Materials: This ramp is made completely out of high-strength aluminum which will not rust or corrode over time.

Pre-drilled Slots: Holes are pre-drilled for anchoring. Hardware included.

Dimensions: 23.875″ x 36.25″

Weight: 10.4 lbs

Weight Capacity: 700 lbs

For Wheelchairs and Scooters

Made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.