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Bedroom Aids

APA Medical offers a wide variety of bedroom aids for anyone with mobility issues. A good night’s sleep is vital for everyone and for those who may need extra support to move about. APA Medical helps to ensure your bedroom is a safe haven that provides a soothing and comfortable environment.

Our bedroom safety aids such as bed rails help prevent falls and provide stability while getting in and out of the bed. Bed wedges, mattress pads and various functional pillows can give your bed a customized feel that best suits your individual needs.

APA Medical offers a wide variety of fall management products to ensure that your loved ones are safe, including alarms, wireless pads, floor pads and wireless alert systems.

APA Medical offers a wide variety of patient room furniture and supplies from beds and overbed tables, mattress covers, chair pads, bed riser sets and a variety of other aids for those recovering from injury or just dealing with every-day pain issues.

Comfort management becomes a way of life for those with chronic injuries. We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, so finding comfort in bed becomes very important. APA Medical offers foam overlays and alternating mattress systems that alleviate pressure points and provide maximum comfort for those who need it.