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Mobility Equipment

APA Medical offers a wide array of mobility equipment for the elderly and others who need help getting around. Staying mobile and independent is one of the biggest keys for successful senior living. Our wheelchairs, walkers, and other elderly mobile equipment help seniors feel safer and more secure as they move, which helps both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

APA has a large selection of mobility equipment so you’re able to find the device that works best for your particular needs. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, rollators etc. are all available in different options to best serve your individual needs. APA Medical allows seniors and anyone who needs mobility equipment to find the right solution for their mobility needs.

Life in a wheelchair can become uncomfortable, so we offer a wide variety of seat & back cushions. Long-lasting, durable and comfortable cushions provide for better day-to-day living for those who rely on wheelchairs to be mobile.

We offer walking aids accessories to make walking simpler, safer and more enjoyable. From transfer belts (for safety) to cup holders and carrying baskets, we have accessories that enhance walking aids for those with mobility issues.

Those with mobility issues need support walking, our aids give them the stability, comfort and confidence they need to walk. We offer a variety of walking aids, from canes to folding walkers and rollators.