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APA Offers Wheelchair Ramps in Minneapolis and Provides Installation and Rentals

April 27, 2021

APA Medical boasts two decades of providing wheelchair ramps in Minneapolis and the surrounding area for people with limited mobility.

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How To Buy Adult Diapers Discreetly

March 31, 2021

Incontinence becomes an unfortunate fact of life for many. We offer a home delivery service that allows you to buy adult diapers discreetly.

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Take Advantage of APA’s Home Delivery Incontinence Service

February 16, 2021

Home delivery incontinence service is personal and discreet because drivers understand the sensitive nature of having to use incontinence products.

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Incontinence Supplies to Help Your Daily Routine

January 20, 2021

There are all kinds of incontinence supplies, adult briefs, pull ups, pads, bed chucks, peri wipes and perineal sprays that offer leak protection.

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2020 Year in Review for APA Medical

January 12, 2021

As we look back at our 2020 year in review at APA Medical, one of the highlights is that we celebrated our 50th birthday!

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Bathroom Safety Equipment | What To Have In Your Home

October 20, 2020

Bathroom safety equipment is very important for people who or elderly or have any balance issues because 80% of falls happen in the bathroom.

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