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If you suffer from bladder control issues you should know that it is a common affliction. “Urinary incontinence” describes the broad range of bladder-control problems that affect more than 13 million Americans. If you’re one of them, you should see a doctor. Treatments can improve or stop the problem. But bladder control products can help you manage it. There are dozens of items to help you manage mild, moderate, and even severe symptoms.

At APA Medical, we understand the hardships that come with suffering from incontinence. We are happy to announce that you can now buy incontinence products online at APA Medical. That’s right—all of our bladder control products are purchasable online at APA Medical.

Buy Bladder Control Products Online with Discreet Home Delivery

Incontinence becomes an unfortunate fact of life for many individuals. At APA Medical we offer a wide variety of bladder control products and incontinence supplies to help make everyday living more comfortable and stress-free. We also offer a personal and discreet home delivery service, as we understand the sensitive nature of having to use incontinence products.

Liners, pads, disposable underwear, and reusable underwear absorb moisture. Products made for incontinence control “catch” the leaks and pull moisture away from your skin. That allows you to go longer between changes.

Pads and liners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That makes it easier to find the right fit in your bladder control products for your body shape and lifestyle. Liners are generally wider and longer than pads and offer better “front-to-back” protection. Pads are usually curved. They’re disposable and designed for women and men. Adhesive strips hold them inside your underwear. They trap eight or more ounces of urine and keep it away from your skin. They also block odor and can be changed throughout the day. Many contain elastic on the sides to cradle your body and help keep leaks from rolling over the edge.

Other bladder control products include a range of disposable undergarments with built-in protection — not just in the crotch, but throughout the entire garment. Styles range from pull-ons with elasticized legs and waists resembling a traditional cloth panty to underwear that slips on with Velcro or adhesive tabs for a customized fit.

APA Medical is proud to allow our customers to ORDER bladder control products online:

  • Adult Wipes—Incontinence is simply a reality for many—adult wipes offer comfortable and sanitary clean-up with thick quilted fabric for better cleaning.
  • Bladder Pads—We offer a wide variety of bladder and booster pads. Our large array of bladder pads are designed to make life with incontinence more comfortable and manageable and come individually wrapped.
  • ChucksDisposable bed pads with extra-heavy absorbent polymer and odor-controlling agent that provide maximum incontinence protection and neutralize odors. Designed to protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces with a waterproof moisture barrier.
  • Hygiene & Applicants— A variety of hygiene creams and applicants to make living more comfortable and sanitary for those who suffer from incontinence issues.
  • Pull-Up Underwear— Incontinence issues can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for many. We offer pull-up, adult underwear in three varieties: men, women, and unisex.
  • Tabbed Briefs—We offer tabbed briefs for those with incontinence issues. These disposable tabbed briefs offer heavy absorbency and skin-smart fabric made with aloe and chamomile for skin wellness.
  • Exam Gloves— We offer multiple-use exam gloves for a variety of bathroom and hygiene issues.

For more information on the brands and bladder control products, APA Medical offers, see our incontinence page.