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Five Benefits Provided by a Lift Chair

lift chair benefits

With so many incredible ways to enjoy watching television in 2023 from cable to streaming services, and on a giant screened television to a smartphone, isn’t it time to ramp up your chair game as well?

Of course it is, and APA Medical has got you covered! We offer an incredible assortment of power lift chairs that provide the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and safety.

Electric lift chairs look like normal chairs but have a motorized part that lifts and tilts the chair forward to help you stand up. Lift chairs help people with mobility, muscle, or joint issues to safely rise to a standing position. These chairs are also useful for people with severe hip or knee arthritis, or anyone who suffers from the general aches and pains that an active lifestyle brings.

At APA Medical, we offer Golden Technologies lift chairs – America’s leading brand of power lift recliners with patented comfort. Golden Technologies has been family owned and operated since 1985, and their lift chairs and recliners are built to last and are backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty.

APA Medical also guarantees the lowest price on any electric lift chair. Our buying power allows us to offer the best pricing you can find anywhere. You won’t find any better prices on the internet.

What are the benefits provided by a lift chair? There are many, but here are five that should help convince you that an electric lift chair is a great purchase for you or a loved one.

1. Electric Lift Chair and Recliners Help Reduce the Risk of Injury

The remote function on a power lift chair gives you full control of the seating and standing processes. Having this extra support while rising or descending until you’re stable on your feet significantly reduces your chances of injury. It also helps prevent injuries to anyone who may be helping you sit or stand, as well as reduces the risk of muscle strain in general. The lift chair lets you get fully balanced on your feet before you have to take any steps and greatly reduces the risk of stumbling or falling as you attempt to get out of a regular chair or recliner.

2. Lift Chair Recliners Help While You Recover from an Injury

Sitting and standing can both be a great challenge for anyone who is injured, recovering from surgery, or living with mobility issues. If you’re in one of these situations, a power lift chair recliner can be an extraordinary help in your recovery or daily life. Lift chairs are designed not only to help you up and down, but also to support your spine and reduce pressure on your body. This ability to move, even while seated or laying down, can help improve swelling joints, prevent bed sores, and boost circulation.

3. An Automatic Lift Chair Helps You Keep Your Independence

Age, injury, and certain chronic conditions can make it impossible for you to sit and stand on your own. Often, this means you must have somebody around to help you. The support and capabilities of a lift chair make it much easier to move in and out of it yourself. This can help aging individuals and those with mobility problems maintain some level of independence. Getting up and down in comfortable furniture can become quite the challenge as we get older. A lift chair takes most of the physicality out of getting in and out of a reclining chair. A lot of people are in their comfortable chairs at the end of the day, either watching television or reading a book – we usually want to get out of them when we’re tired enough that we are ready for bed. Being tired combined with mobility or muscle issues is a recipe that leads to falls. An electric lift chair does the work of getting in and out of the chair for you.

4. A Lift Chair Recliner Can Help Improve Your Posture

Most lift chair recliners offer lots of settings so you can choose a position that works best for you. If the chair has an elevated footrest, you can use it to help reduce leg swelling and pain. You won’t use as much energy getting up from a lift chair, so you will benefit from reduced fatigue, especially in the shoulders. When you sit in a lift chair recliner that puts your back in a more upright position, it can slowly help to improve your posture.

5. Lift Chairs Provide Therapeutic Relief

As we’ve said, the main benefit of a lift chair is that they are an ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty transitioning from a seated position to a standing position due to balance or strength issues. Another fantastic benefit, however, it the therapeutic relief lift chairs provide for people with stiff and sore joints, back pain, arthritis, and other muscular skeletal conditions. People who have had surgery on their knees, hips, or shoulders, or those who just have general aches and pains in those areas can all reap huge benefits from a lift chair.

Most models of electric lift chairs can recline to a flat position but can also be modified to different angles and elevations for maximum comfort. Many people like to take naps in their lift chair because of the variety of positions available. Anyone who that needs to elevate their legs while they sit, or nap finds that lift chairs are an ideal solution.

APA’s multi-positioning power-assist chairs aren’t just for those who need assistance when standing—a large percentage of our customers are now people who simply want the most comfortable chair they can find.

Prestige and comfort aside, power-assisted lift chairs provide utility as well. With power headrests, heat, and massage options, and AutoDrive features, APA’s lift chairs offer customers more than they’ve ever gotten out of a chair before. With more positional settings than ever before, you’re able to position the chair exactly how you want it, and moving it from position to position is as simple as the push of a button.

APA is a full line provider of multi-positioning, power-operated lift chairs with a wide variety of models, fabrics and colors to suit your physical needs as well as your home décor. With so many features and comfort options, why would you consider anything else for the chair you spend so much of your down time in?