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Home Medical Equipment Minneapolis | Scooters, Lift Chairs & More

home medical equipment minneapolis

APA Medical prides itself on having the lowest prices anywhere on home medical equipment and supplies.  We guarantee you we have the lowest prices on power mobility scooters, lift chairs, and other home medical equipment—our buying power allows us to offer the best pricing you’ll find anywhere. You can search the internet high and low, but we promise that you won’t find better deals when it comes to home medical equipment and supplies.

A Full Range of Mobility Scooters

APA Medical is proud to offer a full line of Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility power mobility scooters.  Our scooters line runs from the compact, easily transportable models to the heavy-duty outdoor travel models.  Many models offer both three- and four-wheel versions. The staff at APA Medical can work with you to determine which one might be best for you.

APA Medical will always beat internet pricing when it comes to power mobility scooters—we’ve got the lowest pricing you’ll find anywhere. We are also a full-service dealership. We have many years of experience in servicing scooters, so if you need a repair, we’ll have it back to you as quickly as possible. We have a large showroom full of mobility scooters, so you can come in and get “hands on” experience to help you make the decision of which power mobility scooter is best for you or a loved one.

The Best Pricing on Lift Chairs

Power assist lift chairs provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation; you don’t need to have a medical condition to enjoy their benefits. Anyone who has an active lifestyle or who has suffered from minor aches and pains over the years will enjoy the comfort provided by power-operated lift chairs. Don’t buy your power assist chair from a furniture store—go to the experts! The staff at APA Medical knows what questions to ask you to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to suit your needs, and we have the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

APA Medical proudly carries Golden Technologies Lift Chairs as part of our home medical equipment inventory because of their superior performance and lasting quality. Golden lift chairs are made in the USA with unsurpassed craftsmanship and superior quality. Constructed with kiln-dried northern maple hardwood frames and premium fabrics, Golden Lift Chairs are built to last and provide exceptional comfort and support. Golden Lift Chairs are built in the largest factory in the world dedicated solely to the manufacturing of lift chairs.

Home Medical Equipment in the Bathroom

You’ll often hear us banging the drum about having the lowest prices at APA Medical on home medical equipment. We admit it, we do, but that’s because we’re so proud of that fact. We understand that the bathroom can often be the scariest room in the house for those with mobility issues, but can we fill you in on a secret? We sell just as many home medical equipment and supplies to people who don’t have mobility issues as those who do. It makes all the sense in the world—if you outfit your bathroom with the right equipment and supplies, you make it a safer environment for everyone to use, and you have a better chance of avoiding the slips and falls that create mobility issues in the first place.

APA Medical offers bathroom aids, equipment, and supplies, knowing that bathrooms can be hard to navigate because of the slick, wet surfaces and hard fixtures. From bath seats to grab bars, our bathroom safety products are designed to help you safely navigate the room.

When it comes to home medical equipment in Minneapolis, one of our big sellers is bath benches. APA Medical offers a wide variety of bath benches and seats that allow for a safe, comfortable, and stable place to sit while bathing. Each bench is equipped with rubber or suction tips to help eliminate any chance of the bench moving or sliding. In addition, drainage holes in most seats prevent water build-up. You can check out all of our options for bath benches here.

Home Medical Equipment

As well as offering the best prices you can find anywhere on lift chairs and bathroom aids, APA also offers unbeatable pricing on a wide variety of home medical equipment and daily living aids that help everyone stay independent and live as comfortably as possible. From getting dressed in the morning to getting up and down from a chair, bed, or toilet seat, our wide variety of home medical equipment for anyone who needs assistance is designed to make everyday tasks as easy as possible.

From dressing aids to air conditioner units and dining aids and reachers, APA Medical offers the best pricing on various home medical equipment designed to make homes more manageable, safer, and more accessible.