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APA Offers Wheelchair Ramps in Minneapolis and Provides Installation and Rentals

Wheelchair Ramps in Minneapolis

Congratulations, you made it through another winter! Sure, we’ve seen a few snowflakes dance across the sky this April, but hey, it’s Minnesota, that’s expected! We also see green grass, buds on plants, flowers popping up, and the sun a little higher in the sky.

Spring is definitely elbowing old man winter off to the side, which means it’s the perfect time for those who need it to outfit their home with wheelchair ramps. APA Medical boasts two decades of providing wheelchair ramps in Minneapolis and the surrounding area for people with limited mobility.

Why APA Medical is The Right Choice

With all that experience, APA Medical are experts at configuring, quoting, and handicap ramp installation for every living environment. We customize our wheelchair ramps to fit your individual needs and fit them based on the layout where you live. We understand that every living environment is different, and no “cookie-cutter” wheelchair ramp will work in every situation. You can be sure that APA will optimize the accessibility to your home for people with limited mobility.

Spring is a great time of the year for wheelchair ramp installation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the surrounding area. As the last vestiges of winter have disappeared from the landscape, it’s a great time to spend time outdoors, and accessible ramps are a huge benefit for those with limited mobility.

Wheelchair Ramps Purchase, Installation, and Rentals

At APA Medical, our wheelchair ramps can be purchased to serve your home accessibility needs for years to come, but we’re also empathetic to the fact that you may not know how long you’ll need a ramp. If you’re rehabbing from a knee, foot, or hip surgery, you may only need a ramp for a couple of months, or even just a few weeks, as you gain your stability back. That’s no problem; our wheelchair ramps can be rented for both short- or long-term use. We even allow you to apply your first-month rental charge to the purchase of your wheelchair ramp if you discover that you’ll need accessible ramps for a longer period. Our Minneapolis ramp installers have outfitted homes with just about every type of layout over the years, so rest assured that we can figure out a way to make a wheelchair ramp work for you, no matter what your particular home layout happens to be.

At APA Medical, we pride ourselves on offering the best products at the best prices. With wheelchair ramp options available in aluminum and steel, we can meet your accessibility needs while fitting your budget. We accept most major credit cards. We also accept Care Credit for those who would like to finance their purchase.

APA Medical is proud to offer National Ramp’s modular ramp systems that feature the safest walking surface in the industry and are an affordable choice for accessibility solutions. Our modular ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your doorstep immediately. Permanent or temporary ramp systems are now available in three finishes: silver, forest green, and tuxedo black. This option allows you to complement your home’s exterior colors instead of the limits of only one color choice. If safety concerns have led you to look for a wheelchair ramp, why not choose the safest walking surface, and have a color choice, too?

How to Get Started

As the experts in wheelchair ramps in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area, at APA, we can often we can give you a general idea of cost over the phone—but we will also come to your home to make measurements and determine the best option for your ramp system. We can then get you a final cost based on your needs. There is never any obligation to purchase a ramp from APA.

APA is your expert at wheelchair ramps in Minneapolis for permanent installations and rentals for those who will have limited mobility for just a short time.  Give us a call today at 612-279-8692 to get a free quote or to inquire about any of our ramps offerings, including installation and rentals.