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Dear APA Customers,

To all of our customers, clients and healthcare professionals, we wanted to reach out and let you know where we stand regarding COVID-19 and its effects upon our company, our staff, our vendors, and ultimately to you. First, we would like to say that we feel fortunate that our company has been able to adapt our workforce and work environment in such a way that we have been able to continue to serve the community without much noticeable effect.

That being said, the long-term effects of COVID-19 are beginning to erode production with our suppliers. This manifests itself when suppliers and manufacturers cannot obtain the components they need to assemble or package items as well as not having enough staff to do the assembling. When our vendors do have products ready to go, some are informing us that they don’t have enough staff to package and ship the items. Also, because people are staying home and utilizing at home shopping, the existing freight carriers are experiencing delays. Of course, this is not unique to our industry. It is happening everywhere. We have contacted every manufacturer and vendor that we can to ensure we are getting these items as fast as possible given the current conditions.

Internally we have gone to remote work with our staff wherever possible. Our staff has also been impacted by school shutdowns and kids being in the home and, unfortunately, we have had staff miss work due to quarantines of their own. We take the health of our employees seriously in this time of pandemic, and always error on the side of safety. This does affect our internal productivity which, in turn, sometimes does affect the service we provide to you. Our response has been to try and increase staffing to make up for this loss of productivity. It does take time to bring people up to speed in our complex industry.

So be assured that APA is looking to do everything possible to continue to serve our customers, clients, and healthcare professionals in the manner you have come to expect. If you have any concerns on anything mentioned in this memo, please let us know. We always want there to be open and effective communication between you and us. Thanks for understanding.

–APA Management and Staff